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Alye parusa (Scarlet Sails)

It is located in Toglyatti village Fedorovka in the mixed forest. There is a pond on the territory where it is possible to fish.

There are comfortable cottages for 4 people, 2 people, houses without conveniences for 4 people.
Cottages for 4 places with conveniences: there is a living room with a table, sofa, fridge, closet, there are 2 bedrooms with double or single beds, bathroom: sink with hot and cold water, toilet, shower.

Cottages for 4 places without conveniences: there is a small corridor, fridge, 2 separate rooms with 2 single beds in each, bedside tables.

Houses for 2 people without conveniences: there are 3 rooms in one house, entrance to each room is private. There are beds, fridge, bedside tables.

Food: in a cafe for a preliminary order

Service: guarded parking place, Russian sauna, fishing.



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