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Sosenki (Pine-trees)

It is 50 km away from Samara in a pine coniferous forest in a few minutes of walking from the river Sok. In summer period it can place 378 people, 80 people in winter.

There are cottages of “Suit” category (24 houses, 13 of them function in winter): one-storied cottages for 2 people and for 4 people. In a bedroom there are: 2 beds, bedside table, closet. In a living-room there is: a shelf with crockery, two arm-chairs, sofa, TV set. In a kitchen there is: a refrigerator, a table, chairs, an oven, a dresser and a table for crockery. A shower and a toilet are in the house.

There is a two-storied cottage for 6 persons. It has an inside, enclosed territory with an arbour and barbeque.

In the 1st floor there is: a kitchen, banquet hall, sauna.

In the 2nd floor there are: 3 double rooms, living-room.

There are cottages of summer type (73 houses): for 2 and 4 people with conveniences on the territory.

A hotel is a two-storied building for 10 double rooms, toilet is on the floor, shower is on the territory.

Food: 3 times a day in the dining-room.

Service: tennis court, volleyball and basketball playground, there are boats on the beach, catamarans.



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