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Zhiguly trip round the world

Zhiguly trip round the world on yawls 2008

It is a fascinating water route for true judges of active way of life and for lovers of adventures and reasonable risk. It is 10 days of rowing-sailing regatta, where you can check up your forces and character, enter a game with the elements of water, air and fire. It is enough an extreme trip, where you acquire many useful skills, abilities and get enormous portion of adrenalin. Nobody will avoid callosities on hands from oars, but at the same time you will get quite unforgettable feelings as practice shows.

It is a rare possibility to see the real beauty and charm of the Zhiguly. Samara Luka is quite a surprising place: tourists move by stream of the river all time and in 10 days return to the same place, where a trip began from after 200 km of way left!!! Where else is it possible? The majestic Zhiguly mountains are suddenly changed by cliffs. There is quiet and serene Volga on the one side of the Zhiguly preserve and quite sudden, perturbing spaces of the Zhiguly sea on the other side. Maybe that’s why this stunning place is named “Small Switzerland”.  

The program of the route:

  • 1st day - Arrival to Samara, meeting with captain-guide, transfer from the Railway station or from the airport to the start of the route (island Golodniy (Hungry) in the region of village Carevschina; 30 minutes of ridding from Samara). Accommodation is in a tent camp on the bank of Volga. Supper. Evening of acquaintances. Rest.
  • 2nd day - 8.00- 10.00 – Waking up. Breakfast. Gatherings.
    10.00 - Gathering of all participants of the route on the bank of the island Golodniy. Acquaintance with Cap. Instructing.
    11.00 – Departure. Adventures are beginning…
    Floating by Volga to village Rozhdestveno, (25km) Dinner. Lodging for the night.
  • 3rd day – Floating to village Ermakovo (30km). Island of chapel grown into a rock. Passing to stopping. Rest.
  • 4th day – Floating to island Vasilievskiy. (30km) Rest.
  • 5th day –Floating to village Perevoloki. Visiting of fish market. Transportation of yawls on automobile from Volga to Usa. Passing to the other side of Usa (20km). Lodging for the night.
  • 6th day – Passing to the Zhiguly gate on yawls (20km) with stopping at Bogotyrskaya Sloboda (Athletic Suburb) (excursion 2 hours.)
  • 7th day - Dnevka. Sporting and mobile games. Rest on a sandy bank.
  • 8th day – Rising to the mount Devya and Molodeckiy Kurgan. Transition through Zhiguly sea (35km)
    Ferriage through HES. Stopping on island Sosnoviy (Pine). Lodging for the night.
  • 9th day – Floating to lakes Mastryukovskie (15km). Dedication in «Round the world people». BANYA (Russian sauna) in the evening.
  • 10th day - Moving to the route (25km), visiting gallery in Shiryaevo, an excursion to House-museum named in honor of Repin. Floating to island Golodniy. Parting evening, songs, dances, tears…
  • 11th day - Rising to the mount Camel. Transition to island Golodniy. Lunch.Gatherings. 18.00 - Going home….
    Transfer to the railway station or airport.

The excursion to Bogatyrskaya Sloboda (Athletic Suburb) is held for an additional payment (on tariffs of «Sloboda» for about 300 rub). Changes are possible in the program of the route. It depends upon the weather forecast and upon willingness of the group to get over difficulties. You will pass 200km of way for 10 days in any case. Our captains will help you.

Cost of the tour is 9 500 rubles (11 days, 10 nights)
The cost of the tour includes:

  • meeting and transfer of all tourists from the place of arrival to island Golodniy
  • a tourist equipment: tents for 2-3 people, life-saving jacket, hiking utensil (pots, ladles and other)
  • a ferriage to village Perevoloki, ferriage through HES
  • sporting inventory (balls, badminton)
  • feeding 3 times a day (cooking breakfast and dinner on fire, lunch is a ration during stoppings). You also have dinner at the day of arrival, breakfast and lunch at the day of departure
  • experienced instructors – guides accompany the group.

Dates of tours in 2008: June 25th- July 5th; July 9-19; July 30 – August 9th.

Days of departure to the route: at 11.00am – June 26, July 10, July 31 to the island Golodniy. Tourists can buy tickets for a train not early than 20hours 00 minutes at the day of arrival from «Zhiguly trip round the world».

We can organize an individual program for companies of 9 people.

It is possible to change the amount of days, to organize a feed according to the wish of the group, to include additional services:

Bungee-jumping (25m) - 5000 rubles from a group
Mountain climbing - 5000 rubles from a group
Services of a cook - 8000 rubles from a group

How is feeding organized during a route?

A group of tourists cook on fire in pots. We use natural products, fresh vegetables and even meat. We try to use can food by minimum. Borsch, pilaw, stewed potato with greenery, fish caught by tourists and baked on coals, salads from fresh vegetables… Natural coffees cooked in a copper!!!

Our guides like it when tourists involuntarily become the participants of such a creative process as cooking food in natural terms.

We always cook breakfast on fire. A dry ration is organized for lunch, it means that people free from rowing or steering sails do sandwiches with pate, caviar, vegetables straight in a yawl and eat all of it with pleasure listening to under anecdotes, washing down juice, tea or fruit compote. We certainly always have crackers. In the evening we have royal dinner consisting of 3 meals. This happens every day. It is not needed to take some food with yourself! We guarantee the holiday of stomach every day.

If you have a special diet, please, will tell us about it

What to take with yourself:
Only personal things, beautician, if needed…

  • a rucksack or bag for the personal things
  • a warm jacket and trousers
  • a raincoat
  • a bathing suit
  • a cap from the sun
  • sun-saving ointment
  • large light mans’ shirt for protecting from the sun
  • a tourist carpet
  • a sleeping-bag (or a blanket)
  • 2 pairs of shoes (one pair for swimming, that means old ones)
  • a flashlight
  • a clasp-knife
  • things for washing up
  • the personal medicine chest
  • it is possible to take anything else…(camera, guitar)

Put it down into a large cellophane package and in a backpack! Don’t forget to take a good mood!

Who takes part in tours?
Everyone can take part in our tours independently from sex, age, religion and physical possibilities. Desire is the main!

Our routes do not require the special preparation, skills of rowing, steering sails, mountain climbing etc. Hardiness and daily participation in organization of camp on stops is required (putting up tents, storage of firewood, helping in cooking food). Tourists should be ready to the possible changes of route program which depends upon the weather forecast and upon the readiness of participants to get over difficulties. Maybe these unforgettable feelings which are left after the great number of overcomings and tests return tourists to our number again and again. You can desire it one more time if you have tried it for once. Be careful, it is possible to fall ill forever…



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