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About company

Brief history


ICHP "SAMARAINTUR", 2 employees. The basic direction: the VIP - rounds in the USA.


Crossing(Moving) to own office - a three-tier private residence in historical
Parts of city, in three minutes of walking from the foot zone, was(former)
Manor of petty bourgeoises Larinykh.

The beginning of sale of air tickets.


The introduction in RATA (the Russian Association of Travel agencies) and election in members of Regional advice(council) RATA

Accreditation in TKP (Transport Clearing Chamber of Russia)

Accreditation in IATA - the International Association of Air carriers (Geneva)


TOP Agent airlines " Lufthansa "

Vystoyali a default.


Number of employees - 37.

Accreditation in Srednevolzhskoj to commercial and industrial chamber in April, 1999..

TOP Agent airlines " Lufthansa "

"SAMARAINTUR" - the tour agency which has received the premium of the government of the Russian Federation " CRYSTAL GLOBE " for development of regional tourism.


Number of employees - 50.

Registration of office in Moscow.

Opening of a new direction - the organization of freight traffic.

Directors "Samaraintur" select(elect) a member of board RATA.

The diploma of International specialized tourist exhibition SamaraTourExpo 2000 for the best package of tourist programs on the Samara area

Travel Agent Festival of an author's song of a name of Valery Grushin.


Number of employees - 58.

The area of premises(rooms) of the central office is increased up to 420 m.kv.

Official Travel Agent VTS "EXPO-HOUSE"

Entrance tourism is allocated in a separate direction.

"SAMARAINTUR" - TOP Agent "Aeroflot"

Creation of Inter-regional Travel agency (MTK) " the Greater(Big) Volga "


TOP Agent airlines " Lufthansa "

Quantity(Amount) of employees - 79.

Purchase own "Ikarusa"

February - opening of office in Tolyatti

On September, 17th - 10 letie the companies

On September, 27th - delivery of the premium " Serebryannaya the seagull "


Opening of branch in Babylon. Director of branch is selected(elected) by a member of board RST at 10 congress in s.-»ÑÔÑÓíÒÓúÑ.

The VIP-office for service of constant clients has opened.

It is generated by a bureau of excursions and productive leisure.

Samaraintur to become souchreditelem SANKURTUR.

" Green parking " in has earned with. SHiryaevo for reception of all types of steam-ships.

2004 - 2005

Opening of branch in a Syzran

The affiliated company “ Zhigulis round ”, registered in a Zhigulevsk the Purpose – development of tourism in territory of national park “ Samara the Onions(Bow) ” is founded

The gift shop by the area 150 kv.m is opened(open). With branches – hotel Russia, gost. Renessance, the Aquapark, on “ Green parking ”

8 local boat “Stinrey” is got

The mooring for reception of all kinds of steam-ships in is got with. Vinnovka (“ Green parking ”)

The contract about cooperation with management of national park “ Samara the Onions(Bow) ” is concluded

Also are concluded dogovory about cooperation with administration zhigulevskogo municipal district and reserve of name Sprygina

Restaurant “ Old apartment ” in a building where the office is located is opened(open). Here service of tourists, and also exit service of tourist groups and corporate clients are organized business-lunch for employees,

The Internet a portal “ Samara for you ” consisting of 5 sites is created.

The site "Samaraintur" enters into 100 Russia most visited(attended) from 2750 tourist sites

The additional office for a department of internal tourism by the area 70 kv.m is got.

The additional office by the area 60 kv.m is got. For a bureau on work with agencies

For increase of a level of work Vip a bureau the additional area 20 kv.m is got.

60 local vessel of a class "PS" is got

For today of a total area of office makes 542 kv.m.

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