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We invite you to the Samara province

According to the legend, in 1357 Aleksiy – Metropolit of Moscow and of the whole Russia was passing by the mouth of the river Samara and prophetically pronounced: "There will be a city of Samara on this place in which piety will shine and this city will never be broken by anyone". St. Aleksiy had become the celestial protector of Samara city.

The province of Samara is one of the most beautiful places in Russia. The beauty of Samara spaces is reflected in astonishing kindness and warmth of our people. It is not by accident. The outline of the map of the Samara province reminds a heart. Hospitality is one of the main values of the Russian culture. A desire to open the doors for visitors is in its basis. Unique geographical position, rich history of the region, presence of incomparable nature: Volga, the Zhiguly Mountains, national park «Luka of Samara» do our province very interesting for tourists from all corners of Russia and for some countries of the East.

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